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Dust like RWBYs Part 3 - Ruby (Fin)
“Weiss?” I heard a voice call in the distance. “Weiss, are you all right? Can you hear me?”
My eyelids were so heavy, as if rocks had been tied to them. I struggled to open them, but when I did it didn’t look like the hotel I last remembered being in.
“Where am I?” I asked.
A girl with black hair and a bow on her head leaned over me. “You’re in my room, Weiss. And it’s a bit of a surprise you’ve even made it here. What were you thinking, doing all that work without a moment’s rest?”
I blinked, trying to get my focus back. Oh, that’s Blake standing over me right now. Why’s she here? She wasn’t at the hotel with us. Did she come back after I insulted her kind and…
Wait a second. That’s right, Blake was Martin. I was… somebody. A male, but the name escaped me for the moment. I looked around, and Kenny was sitting on what looked to be a bed, arms folded. And Ant… Ant was&
:iconmeliran:Meliran 17 2
The Orb of Desire: Utility Part 1
Deep within the collective multiverse, there exists a single entity of unimaginable power, one that even the most powerful of gods within any world cannot destroy. It is known simply as The Orb of Desire, or just The Orb to some simpler folk. It bounces between the limitless universes randomly, never returning to the same one ever again. But other than that, what else makes this small glass ball all that special?
It grants wishes, that’s what.
Wishes that can bend reality to fit The Orb’s holder’s greatest desires. Its mere presence helps influence its holder to tell his or her deepest wishes, which the Orb will then grant. How it grants the wish, however, varies. In fact, some might even call the results random. Either way, things will change because of them. The reactions of the wishers vary just as much.
Maybe they’ll notice the changes. Maybe they’ll be the only ones. Heck, maybe they’ll be the only ones oblivious to the changes. It’s a spo
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 56 18
Mature content
Shifting through the Emblems :iconmeliran:Meliran 36 1
Mature content
Kyoko Sakura TG :icontgtf:TGTF 62 10
A Childish Wish: Nagisa Momoe TF/TG/AR (Trade)
Trade with TGTF (
"But I can't come to work tomorrow!" Sean argued on the phone, "I'm not gonna miss my mother's birthday!"
Sean was 20 years old, and very stressed out in life. He was in college for two years, but he failed the first one and was going through plenty of trouble with it. He was only even in college because his parents forced him into it, under the notion that people have to go to college directly after high school ends. Not only that, he was on his own for the most part in not only getting through college, but paying for it. He'd taken two part-time jobs, one at the college and one out, to help the cost, but this interfered with so much of his outside life, even his college life, that he continued with his failing grades and poor personal and social lives just to keep them.
"Damn it, Mr. Šÿmbõłš, you sure know how to ruin someone's life!" he continued, "Fine! I'll work tomorrow!" With that, he hung up.
He sat down on
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 36 6
Kuroneko TG
Ryu liked to consider himself an otaku; though his friends would probably call him a raving otaku. His opinion meant everything to him and if someone didn't like his favorite anime, then he grew into a spiteful creature with a look of smugness in his eyes as he destroyed his opponents life with but a few short sentences. When a con came around, he was the guy with the expensive cosplay he made himself and the bag full of figures.
The one constant in his life seemed to be his weekly sit downs with his favorite anime. In front of the flat screen TV in his bedroom he felt part of the experience, crying and laughing and flailing about right along with the characters.
It was when he was checking the forums on a local website that he found something interesting, an anime circle where all the fans would meet up at a fast food joint and talk about what they liked and why they liked it. Making new friends sounded nice, especially if he could find people who enjoyed the anime he liked.
The day o
:icontgtf:TGTF 49 5
Mature content
The Rise of an Idol: Chapter Two (TG/TF) :icontgtf:TGTF 23 2
Please notice me Senpai? (Part 02)
“You are late,” an annoyed Diane complained at the very instant Andrea stepped in front of the train station entrance.
“Dia…ne?” she asked leaving her mouth slightly open.
“Astonishing, isn’t it?” she said with a presumptuous smile fixing a strand of her long dark copper hair behind her ear as she approached.
“A… a…” Andrea couldn’t reply. Then she just gulped and nodded vigorously making Daine laugh.
“Come one,” she fixed her glasses, “You aren’t that bad too, though I did expect that shyly commonness aura all around you.”
“Hey!” Andrea frowned finally reacting, “What did you…?!”
“Shss.” Diane put a finger over her friend’s lips to quiet her, making Andrea blush like a tomato. “Now close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax.”
Andrea was annoyed, but did as her friend told her. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply and cal
:iconpkangel:PKAngel 24 6
Please notice me Senpai? (Part 01)
“Can you believe how exaggerated is the reaction of the girls whenever his involved?!” Adrian complained again.
“It can’t be helped,” his friend, David, kept trying to calm him down, “he is a foreigner and even if you don’t want to accept it, he has good looks.”
“I know!” Adrian agreed while kicking a pebble in the middle of the road. “The worst is that he is also good at both, studies and sports. He not even has troubles with the languages!”
“Don’t forget that he has a nice personality too.”
“AAH!!” Adrian shouted annoyed. “I can’t stand that stupid new student!!”
“What you can’t stand is that he is getting along with Nadia,” David stated placing the finger on the wound.
A cold sweat appeared over Adrian’s face while a chill ran through his back.
“What did you say?”
“Did you think you were hiding it?” David sighed.
:iconpkangel:PKAngel 34 18
Black rabbit :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 308 5 Untitled :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 226 10 Bookshelf :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 438 13 ethnic costume :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 297 6 little. :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 142 5 white. :iconyagamisiro:yagamisiro 323 36
A decisive battle between queens and kings
A decisive battle between queens and kings
“It sure is dusty in here”, complained Marlon as the dust on top of the crates filled the air around him.
“Don't complain, we promised that we would help my aunt at tidying up the old attic”, replied Pièrre while still looking into a crate filled with antiques of various kinds, ranging from old books, over porcelain cups up to old clothes, before adding, “You do know why we came here right?”.
Marlon just chuckled, “Heh, I do remember. If we find something interesting, we are allowed to keep it for ourselves.”
Pièrre nodded approvingly as he took out an old wooden rectangular block with an unusual elegant pattern on top of it.
“Yep, you got it! I'm sure that there's quite a lot of treasures waiting for us and speaking of treasures, look what I've found!”
Without hesitations, the both of them came together to inspect this object which had drawn their curiosity
:iconkanuto-kun:Kanuto-kun 40 32


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